Detailed view for the Book: Year's Best Science Fiction, The: Tenth Annual Collection

Collecting twenty-eight of the best short stories and novellas from science fiction veterans and new talents

Edited by Gardner Dozois.


Griffin's Egg by Michael Swanwick
Even the Queen by Connie Willis
The Round-Eyed Barbarians by L. Sprague de Camp
Dust by Greg Egan
Two Guys from the Future by Terry Bisson
The Mountain to Mohammed by Nancy Kress
The Coming of Vertumnus by Ian Watson
A Long Night's Vigil at the Temple by Robert Silverberg
The Hammer of God by Arthur C. Clarke
Grownups by Ian R. MacLeod
Graves by Joe Haldeman
The Glowing Cloud by Steven Utley
Gravity's Angel by Tom Maddox
Protection by Maureen F. McHugh
The Last Cardinal Bird in Tennessee by Neal Barrett, Jr.
Birth Day by Robert Reed
Naming Names by Pat Cadigan
The Elvis National Theater of Okinawa by Jonathan Lethem & Lukas Jaeger
The Territory by Bradley Denton
The Best and the Rest of James Joyce by Ian McDonald
Naming the Flowers by Kate Wilhelm
Snodgrass by Ian R. MacLeod
By the Mirror of My Youth by Kathe Koja
Outnumbering the Dead by Frederik Pohl