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Beyond the Great Oblivion



Science Fiction


Darkness and Dawn


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1913-01-04  

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First serialized in Cavalier/Scrap Book, in 5 parts starting Jan 4, 1913. 1000 Years After Our World Died - A Man and a Woman With the Future of Humanity in Their Hands - The distant future - New York is a jungle in more ways than one. Exotic flora and fauna thrive - savage tribes of cannibalistic sub-humans fight for dominance. It"s a place of little hope! The last vestiges of humanity set out across America"s devastated landscape in search of their dream. Led by hope that dies and is reborn again at every turn - enticed onward by a mysterious and vast black chasm 500 miles deep - does the future threaten extinction for mankind? - or offer one last chance of redemption?

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