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Alex, You're Glowing!



Psionic Powers


Secret World Of Alex Mack


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1995-04-01 Aladdin  

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Meet Alex Mack. It's her first day of junior high and everything goes wrong! She can't decide what to wear. Her mother packs her lunch in a troll lunchbox. She runs headlong into the Vice Principal. And then there's math class...

By the end of the day, after the most popular girl in school makes fun of Alex in front of the coolest guy ever, Alex is convinced her junior high days are over! But when a delivery truck overturns and covers Alex with a top-secret chemical and suddenly she has strange, new powers -- powers she can't control. It's exciting...and a little scary!

Now, with goons from the chemical company looking for her, Alex, her older sister, Annie, and her best friend, Raymond join forces in trying to outwit them.

Can she learn to control her new powers, avoid the company's investigators, and survive junior high? Welcome to the secret world of Alex Mack!

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