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Bet You Can't!



Psionic Powers


Secret World Of Alex Mack


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1995-06-01 Minstrel Books  

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Now that Alex Mack has her superpowers under control, she can stop a thief in her tracks. But when she does, her sister Annie is furious! Alex risked exposing her secret power in public -- which is dangerous! So Annie offers Alex a dare she can't refuse: just try getting through one day without using her powers.

It's not easy when you're a hopeless klutz. Alex can't even handle her mom's lawn sale without a humongous fall. How easy it would be to just zap thins out of her way!

To make matters worse, the shoplifter she caught is Rhonda Clarke, one of the most popular girls in school! Now Rhonda is determined to get even. Will Alex be able to stop her and win the bet? Can she go back to being plain, old Alex Mack?

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