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Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1987-08-01 Baen  

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To its discoverers--early starfarers mapping the galaxy--Triplet was merely a pleasant site for a colony. Its real nature was far more startling. Triplet was actually three worlds, and quite possibly the strangest planetary system man had ever found. Who created the "gates" that concealed Triplet with its inner worlds--and founded the civilizations that thrived there? Shamsheer, the first, boasted technology so advanced that it seemed like magic. And in Karyx, the innermost world, magic itself held sway and demons, when they were under control, did all the work. Were humans meant to control all of Triplet? Those who dared to visit the inner worlds were well aware of the dangers. But not even Ravagin, most experienced of guides, dreamed what plans the demons made.