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Mother's Joy, A (Anthology)



Short Stories


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1994-04-01 Zebra  

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The Dower House by Carola Dunn
When handsome, distinguished Sir Gideon March and his dashing cousin Harry move into a nearby estate, the widowed Lady Catriona schemes to marry her daughter off--only to find her matchmaking plans turned topsy-turvy by love!

A Betting Affair by Marissa Edwards
Jessica and Lord Gordon Massey vow to show the ton a truly happy couple...until she finds him an insensitive cad and he declares her an unbearable shrew. Now, as a well-meaning mother-in-law takes matters into her own hands, society wags wager on whether the marriage will last.

Lord Chartley's Lesson by Jo Ann Ferguson
Lord Chartley is aghast at the notion of sharing guardianship of his six-year-old ward with the vivacious Lily Armstrong, who upsets his proper life...and takes control of his heart!

The Present by Cindy Holbrook
The three orphaned Alden children want their step-sister Shannon to be a real mother. So they bring home a surprise: the Duke of Trenton, an irresistible rake with seduction--not sentiment--on his mind.

Change of Heart by Lynn Kerstan
Eager to escape her dull country existence, Elaine Bartell agrees to wed the handsome, worldly Viscount Halsey. But Lainie's plans for an exciting London season go awry when something unexpected and precious enters her life...

Christening Day by Joy Reed
After the birth of her son, Lady Carlton regains her looks--but not her husband's attentions. Now, suspecting she has a rival, can she find a way to recapture his love before it is too late?

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