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Android Invasion, The



Setting: Dr. Who
Science Fiction
Time Travel


Doctor Who Novelizations


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1978-11-00 Target Books  

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The Doctor and Sarah arrive safely back on Earth — or do they?

Why does the mysterious soldier march straight over a cliff — and then reappear unharmed?

Why are they attacked by the sinister mechanics with built-in guns for hands?

Why is a picturesque country village at first deserted — then filled with mindless zombies?

And why are their best friends suddenly trying to kill them?

The Doctor has stumbled on a cunning alien plan to take over the Earth. Will he be in time to defeat the deadly Kraals and their terrifying android invasion?

Novelization of the Doctor Who TV series; four episode story "The Android Invasion" (1975), script by Terry Nation.

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