Detailed view for the Book: And the Dying Is Easy (Anthology)

All-new tales of summertime suspense.


Detectives make their reputations solving cases of murder and mayhem. Ever wonder what happens when they try to get away from it all?

In this summertime crime spree, twenty of today's best mystery writers -- from award-winners to fan favorites to soon-to-be-discovered talent -- take their series sleuths on holiday. So pour a glass of lemonade, kick back, and soak up these original tales of steamy suspense.


"Salt on the Rim" by Jeff Abbott

"A Case of Feline Psychopathology" by Lydia Adamson

"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" by Ann Campbell

"The Chocolate Kidnapping Clue" by JoAnna Carl

"Never Neck at Niagara" by Edie Claire

"Unreasonable Doubt" by Max Allan Collins

"Murder Can Hurt Your Ears" by Selma Eichler

"Journey's End" by Hazel Holt

"The Body in the Bay" by Peter King

"The Jungle" by John Lantigua

"The Loch Ness Mystery" by Sam McCarver

"Porridge and Bess" by Tamar Myers

"Missing, Presumed . . ." by Dana Stabenow

"Call it Dead Time" by Andy Straka

"Not a Monster of a Chance" by Denise Swanson

"Corpse on a Holy Day" by Peter Tremayne

"Lightning Strikes Twice" by Judith Van Gieson

"Under the Big Black Sun" by k.j.a. Wishnia

"Serve and Volley" by Matt Witten

"Sweet Rewards" by Wayne Worcester

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