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American Girl



Coming of Age


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1930-01-01 Brewer and Warren  

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This was John R. Tunis's first novel. Believed to be a fictionalization of tennis star Helen Wills Moody, it became the basis for the 1951 movie "Hard, Fast and Beautiful."

As a child, main character Florence Farley was clever but not too strong. To keep her active and outside in the healthy fresh air and sunshine, her father gave her a tennis racket and a target to aim at. From that humble beginning, Florence developed into a rising tennis star.

Sadly, she soon found herself swept up into the seamy underbelly of the tennis world--a place were there were many less than idealistic opportunities to make money. As it became more and more essential for her to bring home the bacon for her failing father, she became cold and calculating, putting everything she hoped and dreamed for at risk.


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