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All American



Coming of Age
Young Adult


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1942-00-00 Harcourt Brace  

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During a highly competitive game between Ronny Perry's Academy and the local public high school, Ronny's hard tackle seriously injures Meyer Goldman. Horrified but the fact that Meyer could have been killed, Ronny swears never to play football again. He discovers something even more horrifying when his teammates and classmates at the Academy "comfort" him by informing him that he didn't need to feel bad about injuring Meyer who was "just a Jew."

Unable to deal with this attitude, Ronny decides to transfer to the public high school where he is judged a "snob" and rejected. Unable to make first string on the public high school football team, Ronny learns patience. He gets his opportunity to play when another player is injured--but when the team has the opportunity to play in an interstate game in Miami, Ronny again comes face to face with bigotry and intolerance. The team's black offensive end is banned from participating. Appalled, Ronny fights against the system that judges people on the basis of their race.


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