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Danse Macabre



Young Adult
Magical Realism
Coming of Age


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 2013-08-15 Double Dragon  

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Roselyn Jacobs' life may not be strictly uncomplicated. She lives with Shane, a girl caught between being a teenager and a goddess. She sleeps with Dryden, who pretends to be a vampire when he is not working the graveyard shift at a dead-end job. Moreover, she is keenly aware that the world is dotted with pockets of beings that better belong in horror movies and fairy tales than taking her order at the local diner. She manages well until her boyfriend is turned into an actual vampire and her roommate is kidnapped as a means of leverage. To save them she must confront a basement blood-selling ring, a surly demigod, obtuse prophesies, a fortune-telling Wiccan, and a vampire hunter who wants more than she can give.
Can she manage to keep up her life intact and still stop more people from dying to swell a gang of the undead? Can she trust the self-interest of the monsters on her side, the few remaining daemonic beings left in Red Hook? Should she continue to give her heart to a man whose own heart has stopped beating?

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