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3 by Finney (Omnibus)



Science Fiction


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1987-00-00 Touchstone  

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Marrion's Wall
The Woodrow Wilson Dime
The Night People

In Three By Finney, Jack Finney's unique imagination gives all of his stories a glow and a charm all their own. Proof of his gift is that his books have become movies. One of the three stories in this book, Marion's Wall was made into a movie called "Roxie" that starred actress Glenn Close in the title role. Roxie ("Marion" in the book) is a flapper whose movie career (in the early days of Hollywood) was aborted by a car accident. Roxie returns as a ghost to take up where she left off and causes all kinds of fun and confusion. A second story is about time-travel again; The Woodrow Wilson Dime is a tale of a man venturing back and forth in time and you'll love the varying versions of his life that are caused by his travels in time. The last of the three stories, The Night People, is a fanciful account of the adventures of two married couples who take to the streets of San Francisco at night to do all kinds of mischief. This story is so bizarre, funny, and wild that only Finney could have thought of it."

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