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Fire in the Sun, A



Science Fiction
Crime & Prison


Marid Audran


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1989-00-00 DoubleDay Books  

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This sequel to When Gravity Fails finds former lowlife gumshoe Marid Audran suddenly becoming the right-hand man of futuristic Cairo"s godfather, Friedlander Bey. Marid"s transition from near-destitute scum to wealthy and powerful is more than a little awkward for him, since he had always prided himself on his independence. It"s also somewhat awkward for the reader, since after a while, it gets old watching him get treated like a marionette. Friedlander Bey reorders Marid"s world to separate him from his former friends and life by placing him on the police force, giving him his friend"s bar, and giving him a Christian slave. Of course, you can"t really refuse gifts from Friedlander Bey, so Marid toils at his job investigating various intrigues against his master. Thus, even more so than in the first book, he"s the reluctant hero with a conscience of sorts.

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