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Folk of the Air, The



Coming of Age


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1986-12-12 Del Rey  

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Folk of the Air is about the joy and the danger of wearing masks and playing roles; about the vital part fantasy itself plays in all our lives; and about the melancholy that accompanies growing older, when the masks begin to crumble, the roles to seem shopworn, and the fantasy to pall. And yet, Beagle suggests, to cast aside the irrational pleasures of role-play and magic-making is as tragic as clinging too fervently to them. We rightly fear being trapped underneath our disguises, he implies, but need them all the same. The beauties of loss, of unrecoverable time, of regret, and of the noble, desperate denial of all of the above, permeate the novel. If you ever outgrew an imaginary friend, a Dungeons & Dragons adventure, or a madcap lover, Folk of the Air will resonate with the deep, painful places where you store your most cherished, vanished memories.

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