Books falling under the genre: Psychometrics & Cognition

Books in which the primary focus involves studying and/or discussing matters pertaining to human reasoning and intelligence, typically with special emphasis on testing and statistical analysis in order to identify and/or examine those who lie outside the range of what is considered "normal". Related topics may include the unique problems and experiences of such people (i.e., those who are 'challenged' or 'gifted'), from a psychological, social or behavioral standpoint.
# Title Series First Published Buy Now
1 Bell Curve, The 1994-09-01 Amazon (US)
2 Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life 1994-01-01 Amazon (US)
3 Bias in Mental Testing 1980-01-01 Amazon (US)
4 Clocking the Mind 2006-09-13 Amazon (US)
5 Description and Measurement of Personality 1946-01-01 Amazon (US)
6 Educability and Group Differences 1973-03-08 Amazon (US)
7 Environment, Heredity and Intelligence 1969-06-01 Amazon (US)
8 g Factor, The 1998-02-28 Amazon (US)
9 Genetics and Education 1972-10-12 Amazon (US)
10 Gifted Adult, the: A Revolutionary Guide for Liberating Everyday Genius 2000-11-28 Amazon (US)
11 Gifted Grownups: The Mixed Blessings of Extraordinary Potential 1999-03-15 Amazon (US)
12 Handbook of Modern Personality Theory 1977-01-01 Amazon (US)
13 Living with Intensity 2008-11-01 Amazon (US)
14 Losing Ground 1984-11-26 Amazon (US)
15 Measuring Intelligence with the Culture Fair Tests 1960-01-01 Amazon (US)
16 Mismeasure of Man, the 1981-01-01 Amazon (US)
17 Objective Personality & Motivation Tests 1967-01-01 Amazon (US)
18 Objective-Analytic Axiety Battery 1960-01-01 Amazon (US)
19 Personality and Learning Theory 1980-10-01 Amazon (US)
20 Psychology: The Science of Mental Life 1970-10-29 Amazon (US)
21 Real Education 2008-08-19 Amazon (US)
22 Science of Words, The 1991-03-01 Amazon (US)
23 Scientific Analysis of Personality, The 1965-01-01 Amazon (US)
24 Social Foundations of Thought and Action 1985-10-11 Amazon (US)
25 Social Learning Theory 1976-11-11 Amazon (US)
26 Straight Talk About Mental Tests 1981-10-01 Amazon (US)

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