Books in the Series: Merovingen Nights

Series Description:
On the world of Merovin, a human colony was destroyed by enigmatic aliens. Generations later, the descendants of the survivors have salvaged what they could and now huddle together in the canal city of Merovingen. As with any human society, there are rich and poor; the rich scheme and maneuver for wealth and power, and the poor to survive. Boatmen, beggars, and spies meet in a world of intrigue, danger, and strange customs created as only C.J. Cherryh can. The series begins with C.J. Cherryh's novel, Angel with the Sword and continues with several collections in which other notable authors such as Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Janet Morris, and Mercedes Lackey contribute short stories featuring characters of their own.
# Title Series Order Author First Published { AUTHOR_BOOKS_AMAZON }
1 Angel with the Sword C. J. Cherryh 1985-00-00 Amazon (US)
2 Festival Moon (Anthology) 1 Lynn Abbey 1987-04-00 Amazon (US)
3 Fever Season (Anthology) 2 Lynn Abbey 1987-10-00 Amazon (US)
4 Troubled Waters (Anthology) 3 Roberta Rogow 1988-05-03 Amazon (US)
5 Smuggler's Gold (Anthology) 4 Lynn Abbey 1988-10-04 Amazon (US)
6 Divine Right (Anthology) 5 Lynn Abbey 1989-10-03 Amazon (US)
7 Flood Tide (Anthology) 6 Lynn Abbey 1990-11-06 Amazon (US)
8 Endgame (Anthology) 7 Lynn Abbey 1991-08-06 Amazon (US)

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