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Series Description:
Data Editor Note: This is an unofficial grouping of Star Trek books, written by William Shatner, that are collectively (and commonly) referred to within the ranks of Star Trek fandom as the "Shatnerverse" or "Captain Kirk" books. This series follows the adventures of Captain Kirk after his death in the film "Star Trek: Generations", and crosses over between the TOS, TNG and Voyager series, and timelines. Aside from the 3 part Mirror-Universe saga, there is no official numbering of this series ... although each book is largely a sequel to the before it, in order of publication. -- Brad
# Title Series Order Author First Published { AUTHOR_BOOKS_AMAZON }
1 Ashes of Eden, The William Shatner 1995-00-00 Amazon (US)
2 Avenger William Shatner 1997-00-00 Amazon (US)
3 Captain's Blood William Shatner 2003-00-00 Amazon (US)
4 Captain's Glory William Shatner 2006-08-22 Amazon (US)
5 Captain's Peril William Shatner 2002-00-00 Amazon (US)
6 Mirror Universe Saga 2: Dark Victory William Shatner 2000-04-01 Amazon (US)
7 Mirror Universe Saga 3: Preserver William Shatner 2000-06-01 Amazon (US)
8 Mirror Universe Saga 3: Spectre William Shatner 1998-05-01 Amazon (US)
9 Return, The William Shatner 1996-00-00 Amazon (US)

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