Adult high fantasy attempted assassination of emperor

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Adult high fantasy attempted assassination of emperor

Postby laurencedorneles » Fri May 11, 2018 8:11 am

Old book I think but read just a few years ago....multiple story lines all about a select group hiding the fact that earth was only one of multiple worlds ruled by an Emperor and that some kind of purge happened every so often. One of the threads is about an artist who can not remember much beyond 10 years, he falls in love with a mystical creature that is able to change shapes. The travel to a second world and learn that this creature is very rare. Other threads in the story are about trying to assassinate the emperor. Theres's an escape from a prison thats surrounded by a substance that is usually solid but will change to a very dangerous liquid. While at the prison a small girl is rescued that has some abilities. There is also a plot line involving a magical blue stone eyeball. At the end of this book the emperors palace is invaded and the emperor is confronted. The books title has something to do with magic...

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