Thoughts on Endgames [spoilers]

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Thoughts on Endgames [spoilers]

Postby Gil galad » Fri Mar 08, 2019 6:40 am

About a week ago I finished reading Endgames and although I really enjoyed it a few days after I finished it occurred to me, there was virtually no imaging in the book. A few times shields were used, but that was it. It feels like a missed opportunity to write within a world with a magical system but then not to really use it. We don't learn anything new about imaging in Endgames.

I know the author has mentioned receiving negative feedback from readers when books have not had enough action or battles etc. I'm not trying to make that sort of criticism here. In my opinion Endgames does tell a great story of complex political intrigue against the background of a rapidly changing society. A society where the sophistication, culture and music are featured so prominently. What I would have loved to see would be equally complex and finessed uses of imagery to compliment the political and social story being told.
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Re: Thoughts on Endgames [spoilers]

Postby lmodesitt » Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:17 pm

Imaging wasn't the point of the books about Charyn. What I wrote about was. Imaging doesn't solve every problem in the world of Terahnar. In Charyn's situation, heavy-handed imaging would only make matters worse, especially since all too many of the High Holders either distrust or actively hate the imagers. Imaging is used in a number of finessed ways, generally through shields and concealments. Any more imaging isn't necessary.

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Re: Thoughts on Endgames [spoilers]

Postby stephenheath » Fri Apr 26, 2019 9:24 am

I loved every minute of it... the only "disappointment" if you will... is that a lot of time and intrigue is glossed over from where the book ends to the epilogue. I could have used one more book that actually went through the development of the unified council, the impact the steam engine had, and the steps involved in removing powers as well as how the next generation dealt with it beyond just becoming regular high holders... it seemed like all the buildup with the ironworks and steam engine were just a buildup to a "and then it was done". I would have liked a blending of the Charyn-type small scale (chateau/imagisle/exchange were where most of the book took place) to the Rhenn-type (here's what's happening in the city/country) scale as power spread out...

I'd also take it as a bunch of short stories that skip along in time from the end of Endgames to the epilogue time... heck, I'll take anything, another great series as always, Mr. Modesitt.
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