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Spreading the Good Word

Postby JTass » Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:29 pm

Hey Mr. M.,

I'm a frequent user of the forums on Goodreads.com, and I saw two posts today in the 'Looking for Recommendations' subforum which immediately made me think of your works.

The first was a request for recommendations for Science Fiction books or series with a romantic plotline, or at least a strong element of romance. I gave her links to the two Ecolitan story arcs and a couple of other series. As it turns out she's read a Polish translation of The Magic of Recluce and enjoyed it, but until recently she wasn't able to find any other of of your works in Polish, and her English was not good enough to read the original texts.

The second was a high school student in the UK looking for recommendations for books set in an ecological dystopia, to which I responded with links to The Forever Hero series and Adiamante.

I just thought I'd pass it along and let you know that A) you've corrupted me, and B) I'm increasing your fan-base on a world-wide basis (OK, it's on a minuscule scale, but I'm still banging the drum) :) .
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Re: Spreading the Good Word

Postby lmodesitt » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:12 pm

Thank you.

A number of Recluce books were printed in Polish, at least through Fall of Angels, but so far as I know, nothing else is available in Polish.

And I do appreciate all the help! No help is minuscule.

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