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I recently re-read the duology about Lorn. Jerial is a fascinating character. Not only is she extremely intelligent, she sees more than most, including Lorn. For some reason, it didn't strike me until this reading that Jerial seems to know that Kien'elth is the Hand of the Emperor. She hints at it in the first book. Lorn wonders about her reference to the Hand which seems to come out of the blue. It seemed to me that she was dropping a hint to Lorn and one that he briefly ponders but doesn't catch.

I think it says a lot about her character that she was able to navigate the intricacies of life in Cyad as a single woman. In a peer group that is surrounded by exceptional people (Ryalth, Lorn, Kien, Nyryah, Myryan, Tyrial, and even Vernt), she stands out as one of or, perhaps, the most capable of the group. I think I enjoy the series as much for her and for Ryalth as I do for Lorn.
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