Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson - Back on the Street - 8

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Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson - Back on the Street - 8

Postby mrdude » Tue Nov 09, 2004 2:19 pm

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Back on the Street, The First Volume in the Transmetropolitan Series, by Warren Ellis and Ilustrated by Darick Robertson is actually the first graphic novel I have had the pleasure of reading.

Somewhat adult in nature, back on the street is a collection of three stories about Spider Jerusalem, a rogue journalist who has locked himself up in a mountain cabin and must now back into the city to write two stories that he was previously contracted to do. (just a note for you all, these are printed in order within the volume and although it is possible to obtain each sotry seperatley they really flow together well in the volume)

Filled with nudity, blood, gore and profanity this graphic novel really started me off right in the genre. The main character, Spider, is rude, vulgar and extremely fun to follow through these futuristic tales critiquing our society and culture at it's present state. I really like this work and really have no complaints about it. It is quite well written, a fun and inventive story and the drawings are simply wonderful. I would not suggest this for an extremely young audience, simply due to its explicit words, nudity and violence, but it is defiantly a fun read for a slightly older crowd (nothing a 16 year old can't handle in my opinion). So try it out if you in for something new and fun.

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