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High Pockets



Coming of Age
Young Adult


The Brooklyn Dodgers Series


# Date Publisher Binding Cover
1 1948-00-00 William Morrow  

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Rookie center fielder Cecil "Highpockets" McDade has an ego problem. And, as a result, his Dodger teammates do not think very highly of him. Selfish and egotistical, "Highpockets" is mostly concerned with his own accomplishments, yet he isn't an evil man--his primary goal is to pay off the mortgage on the farm and educate his younger siblings.

His life changes when a young boy is severely injured when he runs into his car. Even though the accident was not his fault, Highpockets becomes very concerned with the boy and befriends him during his long recovery. As a result of his relationship with the boy, Highpockets experiences a lot of personal growth and realizes the necessity of being a team player.


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